Monday, February 22, 2010

From Paris With Love

James Reece is an assistant to the US Ambassador in France, but moonlights as a low-level CIA operative.  Reece dreams of a chance to prove himself capable of being a real agent.  His opportunity to get out of the switching license plates when he is assigned as Charlie Wax's partner.  Wax's methods don't follow the rules to the letter, but as they uncover a terrorist attack on the city, Reece gets the chance of a lifetime. 

I was quite impressed with From Paris With Love.  This was definitely one for the Travolta fans. The writers managed to get in a quote from Pulp Fiction!

John Travolta keeps getting better with age.  He does an excellent job being the bad-ass.  At the Alamo Drafthouse, the previews for this movie were all trailers for old Travolta movies.  Did you know he was in Carrie?

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is very easy on the eyes.  Is it sad that I loved Bend It Like Beckham?  This is the first time I've seen him in an action movie since I didn't see Mission Impossible III, but I am quite impressed.  I might even watch Mission Impossible III to see how he does there.

The story was good, and reeled me in from the beginning.  My only complaint was that they moved so quickly in following the leads that traced back to the terrorists that I lost how they were all connected.    I really didn't expect the twist and gasped audibly, but the BF said he knew it all along.  He always says that.

The humor was great. I really enjoyed the running gag at the beginning of the film which got me shushed when I laughed at the wrong places. (If you go to see it, watch for the vase.)

The action was good. There's a good amount of explosions for people who like that kind of thing (read: boys).  The chase scene on the rooftops was very different from rooftop scenes I've seen before.   It wasn't too violent except for the two closeups of close range gunshots to the head. 

I enjoyed it, and this will probably be added to the BF's selection of movies.