Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Race Report: GYRIG 5K

Distance: 5K
Goal Time: None
Actual Time: 1:10:??

This 5K was really just a chance to do something active with the family while my sister was visiting.  In our family, Beth and I lead the health kick, but it has rubbed off on Theresa as she works off her baby weight and to Mom as she works to keep her diabetes in check. I succeeded in bribing Beth to do this event as a chance to meet Scotty in person.  Mom was relieved when I told her that Brackenridge Park is flat and shady - quite the opposite from her previous 5K experience.  Theresa came along for the ride with the kids in tow.  I was really glad that Amanda decided to come out too!  She kidnapped Brittany and bribed her with brunch to round out our posse at the event.  

It was cool and breezy  on race day.  The course was perfect - shady and picturesque.  We took a short break about halfway, but we had to stop a couple of times to put the wheel back on Theresa's wagon for the kids.  We just chatted and made faces at the kids the whole way and crossed the finish around 1:10:00.  As walkers, we weren't officially timed, but I'm proud of it considering we started at the very back and had the few stops.  Brittany didn't start out believing me that it wouldn't be too bad.  Just get her chatting and the time just flies by! I hope she's a convert and that she and Amanda and I will do another walk together in the future (hint hint!). 

It was a great way to start the day.  Afterward came brunch with everyone at the nearest IHOP, then our family split off for more playing in the park.  It was a beautiful way to spend the a gorgeous San Antonio spring day. 

I'll end with a shout out to Cotton "Pa" Hobson, my brother-in-law's grandfather who died of colon cancer a few years ago.  Beth dedicated her walk to him. 

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Check back later for more pictures! (I'll upload them soon, I promise!)


Amanda said...

Hey Ann - Your link to the official photographs leads to my dreamribbon blog...I'd love ot see the official ones! Can you let me know where they're supposed to be at?

ps - I would love to do this again! Before it gets too hot!

Ann said...

Okay, the link for the official photos is now fixed. Sorry for the Ann-web-fail on that.

Amanda- you can check out centextuns.com for a good listing of upcoming races in the area. Let me know if you fin one you like!

Amanda said...

Hrm, the centextuns.com link doesn't let me load it...

I do know I'm definitely going to do the Race for the Cure this year, though I'll have to take the bus down to the start line.

Ann said...

Here's the link again:

I don't know if I'll be doing the Race for the Cure. I think it might be mostly on asphalt around the parking lots, but I haven't looked at the race course. I don't think I like big events like that, so I might shy away from it.

I know there's another Alamo Series race later in the month that I'm planning to do.