Thursday, March 18, 2010

She’s Out of My League

I really had no previous intention of seeing She's Out of My League.  I went to this movie as a way to get out of my house this past weekend.  It was the only thing showing at that particular time.  It wasn’t as much of a waste of time as I thought it would be.

Kirk meets a beautiful woman scored by his friends as a ten whereas his score is a five.  As they start dating, the difference in their scores is clearly evident.  As their relationship turns more serious, they either have to go their separate ways or find a way to bridge the gap.

Again, I went to the Drafthouse to watch this since it was around dinner time when I went to see it.  I must sound like a broken record.  But it’s my favorite!  I had my usual pizza/salad combo with Woodchuck Amber cider to wash it down.

This movie started off being a guy’s movie but ended more like a chick-flick.  This would probably make a really good compromise on date night if you’re looking to go see something with your significant other.

Kirk had really good bromance chemistry with both his friend Stainer and his brother.  I assume that is how guys really do interact together.  But I’m a girl, so I’ll never really know, and I’m okay with that. The lead actress was okay; her character was a bit too perfect for me to care much about her.  I really liked her friend Patty though. 

On the radio earlier in the week my morning show was talking about more “average” guys being shown on screen: more Topher Grace, Seth Rogen and John C. Reilly than Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhal, and Brad Pitt.  (I also like the trend of distinguished older gents like Liam Neeson, Dennis Quaid, and Chris Cooper.)  This movie was full of average guys, and they did really well. 

On the other hand, all the women in the movie were definitely in the above-average category.  They were all on the top end of the attractiveness spectrum.  I think movies have gone a long way in casting more average people, but it’s still far behind with females.  Hopefully movies like Precious will help move in that direction. 

In case you think I see a lot of movies already, there are a ton of upcoming ones that are already on my radar.  And these are the ones just through this summer!