Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leap Year

Anna comes up with a plan to propose to her long time boyfriend on Leap Day as prescribed by an old Irish tradition. On her way to meed up with the boyfriend in Dublin weather forces her to take a detour through the Irish countryside.  She enlists the help of an innkeeper in order get to Dublin in time.  But the trip makes her question if that is what she really wants.

So I called in a lot of what the boyfriend refers to as DKP when I forced him to take me to see Leap Year. Basically all my deposits for doing nice girlfriend things have been withdrawn. 

If you watch the trailer, you know what is coming.  It's your typical chick flick.  Very predictable plot, very typical characters, and very pretty people to carry it.  The Irish accent from Matthew Goode wasn't great, but considering he's British, it's not bad.  He's very easy on the eyes, so it's not hard to forgive him. The very cute Amy Adams helped the boyfriend make it through the movie.  I'm totally jealous of her wardrobe, but I definitely would have chunked the heels after just one day of travel.

There are a lot of vista shots of the Irish countryside, which were very great.  I don't think I appreciated them enough while watching.  I was distracted by a feeling of deja vu.  In Chasing Liberty, Matthew Goode follows Mandy Moore on random country roads, and he's doing the same in this movie. 

Overall, it's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it was a decent night out. And I liked Chasing Liberty better.

Congrats to Meryl Streep for winning the Best Actress Golden Globe for Julie and Julia. Absolutely loved the movie and she was fantastic in it.  Her performance made me want to read a biography of Julia Child.  Very much deserved!