Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Solo

So I’ve had to rework some of my previous plans for a vacation in Orlando.  I “won” a five night stay at a timeshare with free tickets to Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure.  I’m making the most out ouf in and turning it into my first ever solo adventure/vacation! 

I figure that it’s as safe as the rest of the country; being a single woman in Orlando would be similar to being a single woman in San Antonio.  If anyone knows of specific places in Orlando to avoid or be wary of, please let me know!  (I can't avoid the timeshare, part of the contract. Yeah I was dumb to do that.)

I’m going to try to be spontaneous for this trip.  It’s something I’m notoriously bad at.  I’m sure those who don’t know me in person can tell by my blog how much of a planner I am.  So the rough plan is to go to the theme parks until I’ve seen everything I want to or it gets too crowded.  I want to see fireworks, ride some roller coasters, have one evening out. 

I have been to Universal Orlando before when Texas Tech played for the Tangerine Bowl in 2002.  The roller coasters there were awesome.  I’m looking forward to being able make full use of the “single rider” lines.  I know I want to do the Dueling Dragons ride again.  It looks like the park has done a lot of expansion and renovations since then, including the unveiling of the World of Harry Potter this spring.  Any other recommendations of what to do or skip?

I am going to look up different things to do in Orlando on the chance that I get bored with the theme parks. Seeing a Blue Man Group performance is on my life's to-do list.  The CityWalk area sounds like just a big string of bars, but maybe there'll be a decent concert at one of the venues.  Then if I put in a volunteer day, I'll see if the Walt Disney World tickets have run out yet. 

Any other recommendations of things to check into if the theme parks are ridiculously crowded?  Are the aquarium or botanical gardens any good? Any unusual museums or historic sites?  Where should I get seafood or sushi?

Help me make my solo adventure a success!  I’m depending on you!


Amanda said...

Sadly, I've never been a fan of Florida and the only time I've ever spent there is driving through on the way to other states. I wish I could help more!

Ann said...

I've been to Orlando three times before, but I haven't planned a trip for myself before.

It'll be interesting to do whatever I want to do rather than adhering to an itinerary or group decision making.