Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night

The Fosters are a normal American married couple.  Their kids wreak havoc every morning as the family gets ready to go to school and unsatisfying jobs.  Phil and Claire try to keep the romance alive by a ritual date night, but it just adds to the monotonous day-in-day-out routines they follow.  Then, one date night Phil makes an attempt to change a routine by taking Claire to a new restaurant.  They take the reservation of a no-show and end up in a whirlwind set of events that makes a date night they will never forget.

Date Night is honestly one of the best adult movies I have seen in a really long time.  I don't even know what to compare it to because it is so unlike any movie I've seen.  I really hope that it earns some Best Comedy of the Year awards, but it has earned them.

Tina Fey and Steve Carell are at their best.  They have great chemistry together and fantastic delivery.  If you go see the movie, make sure to stay all the way through the credits to watch some hilarious outtakes.  They use adult humor, mainly lots of sexual references, but in an adult manner.  Not the kind of adult humor portrayed in a childish way like some of Will Ferrell's movies (Old School comes to mind). William Fitchtner, Ray Liotta, James Franco and Mila Kunis round out the rest of the cast.  And of course, Mark Wahlberg's muscles had several cameos. 

Forgive me a brief rant.  I'm getting really tired of "stupid" humor movies. Just like the "rugged" look encourages average guys to sport the "mountain man" look, "stupid" humor encourages the twenty- and thirty-something men to have absolutely idiotic jokes.  You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled blog.

I loved that this movie addressed an issue that is common for couples in long term relationships.  Getting into a routine is an inevitable step for adult couples.  But then the routine becomes the defining part of daily life.  Breaking out of it becomes very difficult, especially as the routine starts to span years.  The movie shows a unique adventure that most couples probably won't ever experience, but the point is the same.  Sometimes all it takes to change a routine is getting a little more dressed up than usual, trying a different restaurant.  Just taking a chance.

It's a great movie, an excellent date movie, and one that will be going on my shelf as soon as it's available.


B Mari Landgrebe said...

Oh, I need to take the Ninja on a date to this movie! Sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, I agree, the mountain man look seems to be overdone lately. Though I DO think some men pull it off SPECTACULARLY *coughGerardButlercough*


Ann said...

I highly recommend taking the ninja to see it! Do it! Do it now!

Gerard Butler does pull off the rugged look quite spectacularly. However, it's difficult for the average mortal to do so. `.^

Faith said...

I loved this movie and laughed so hard!