Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nifty Needlecase

After getting myself into the last few projects, needles and embroidery scissors ended up in many places.  I lost a few and got poked by others.  It was a definite indication that I needed a needlecase.

A needlecase is just that - a case for needles.  It is in a book format with felt for pages.  Needles you're not using get put in the felt for safe keeping.  Some have pockets on the inside for bigger items like needle threaders or scissors.  The front cover is usually a stitched piece that is fairly small.

I picked a design from Quick to Stitch: Cross Stitch Cards by Sue Cook. It was supposed to be one that you could finish in a day, but it took me much longer than that.  It was seriously detailed for such a little piece. I used 18 count Fiddler's Aida from Charles Craft in Lite Oatmeal. Finished size is about 2 1/2" square.

I put the case together using instructions from Meari's Musings. The back and inner cover fabric is from a fat quarter purchased at Hancock Fabrics in addition to the 1/4" ribbon. Felt came from Hobby Lobby.  Quilt batting and thread were swiped from Mom. (Thanks Mom!)  Total finished size is about 5" square when shut.

Actually putting it together took longer than expected.  Mainly because I had to relearn how to use a sewing machine.  This one is a Singer Featherweight that Mom let me borrow, then later said I could buy off her. (Squeee!! Thanks Mom!!) This model stopped being produced after 1952.  It's an antique and it's beautiful.  When they say "featherweight" they really mean twelve pounds.  Considering it's all metal inside and out, that's not too shabby.

Once I got the hang of it, it went pretty fast.  I am quite proud of the little book. Now I just have to train the guy to put my scissors in the pocket if he finds them laying around when he decides to clean.


Beth Hobson said...

Your needlecase is beautiful!! Great job! I have the manual to the Featherweight if you need to look at it!