Sunday, January 10, 2010


In Daybreakers, an outbreak of vampirism has spread across the world, leaving the little to no humans left.  The vampire population is on the brink of starvation.  Edward Dalton is the Chief Hematologist for a corporation who manufactures the available human blood.  Ed is charged to come up with a blood substitute that will reduce the demand on human blood.  He unexpectedly finds a group of rogue humans surviving underground who give him an idea on how to cure vampirism altogether.

I'll start by saying I'm an Ethan Hawke fan, in particular Gattaca and Before Sunset, so that was a drive to see the movie.  With all the popularity of heart throb vampires, I was looking forward to this story that had a different take on the idea.

I wasn't disappointed.

The photography of the film was very intriguing, especially seeing color come into the film as the story progressed.  The story itself was also well done, an original story with a well formed plot.  Hawke did a good job with his character, as did Willem Dafoe.  I was most impressed with Michael Dorman, an Australian actor that played Ed Dalton's brother Frankie.  I liked that it dealt with the darker themes in vampirism.  And while some of those darker themes were expressed in pretty gory scenes, it felt like they were necessary to get the point across.

I'm not usually one to see a movie repetitively in the theaters, but I'd go see this one again, definitely!  But I'd probably opt out of watching the gory scenes again.