Monday, January 18, 2010

I Heart My iPhone

I only got an iPhone late last fall.  I definitely was late on the uptake, but since I am definitely an addict.  I now can look cool when everybody in a group stops talking and commences playing with iPhone apps.   And I don't have to "borrow" an iPhone from someone else to get my fix.

These are my go-to applications that I use multiple times a day.
    • Twitterific - Mainly just an app to have a connection into Twitter.  First one I've tried, but so far it has made me a fan of Twitter where I didn't think I would be originally.
    • - Huge fan of, and this as a mobile version. The website it much easier to use than the app, so I just use this to check in on account balances.
    • Sudoku - The numbers game is my favorite way to pass time waiting for whatever.  I like playing at different difficulties depending on my mood.  I use the free app by
    • Water Your Body - As a runner, I know I need to stay hydrated.  And I'm notoriously bad for going days without drinking anywhere near enough water.  This app has so far helped me stay on top of how much I'm drinking, including the trending so that I know if I've had too many days in a row where I haven't had enough. 
    • Weight Watchers - Like the app better than the website! But there are a few things that I wish it would do better.  Overall, it's a much easier way to keep track of what I eat. 
    • iFitness - Got this as an app to use in the gym when I'm doing New Rules of Lifting Routines.  So far I like the trending and the automatic calculation of one-rep maximum weight.
    • Grocery Gadget - My boyfriend and I use this as our grocery list.  You can sync up multiple iPhones or use the website.  I add the items, he checks it against what we already have, and he is in charge of checking off items at the store as I run around picking things up.  His only complaint is when I pick up things that aren't on the list.
    • Nike+ - As mentioned in my post below, it's a great way to geek out on my running stats.  I especially like that the iPhone 3GS version has the ability to calibrate each run instead of having to do a one-time setup on the iPod Nano. I'm glad that my distances and paces are finally accurate.
    Here are other applications I like, but don't necessarily use them every day.
    • IMDb - To nerd out at the movies.  I also use it to see what's coming out.
    • Fandango - Easiest way to check showtimes in the area at my favorite theaters.
    • Barnes and Noble eReader - Automatically syncs up with the nook as to what page you read last.
    • Shazam - Great way to "discover" the good songs on the radio and get them with iTunes later.
    • Pandora - When I don't know what I really want to listen to, or want to find more songs in the same genre.  I listened to the Christmas station for about three weeks straight during the holidays.


    Amanda said...

    I wish I had an iphone, but an itouch will work fine for now. I use twitterific too.

    Melissa said...

    Love too (and the app)!

    So grocery gadget works pretty well? We haven't figured out which one we like best and right now we just have a boring list one. We'd like one that has a type of pantry feature so we can also check off what we actually have at home. Does grocery gadget do that?

    I know you guys are so hip and all down there and every theater is listed on Fandango, but since we don't have any theaters up here on Fandango I found another app called Flixster that lists show times for all theaters, it also has Facebook support so you can update your ratings and post on your Facebook.

    Last one, check out similar to Pandora, but it scans your iTunes library to get your musical tastes! I do think Pandora has better pre-made station though.

    Ann said...

    Melissa - Grocery Gadget doesn't have pantry option as far as I can tell, but we check things off the list from the pantry before we head to the store. Would you count that as built in? :)

    I'll have to check out Flixster and!