Sunday, February 07, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You

This book has been recommended to me by both my sisters.   Sometimes my sisters are much smarter than me.  But since I've seen the Sex and the City episode that was the launchpad for the concept, as well as watched the movie that came out last year, I thought I knew what it was talking about.  Because my smarter sister told me to, I read the book. 

This was the first book I read on my nook.  It worked really well in the gym.  I read most of it while completing my long run this morning.  Not having to hold the pages down while running was nice.  Being able to increase the text size was very cool.  Usually I had to pick which book had the bigger font and most space between lines of text.  Loving it.

The major topics from the book were shown really well in the film adaptation: guys who don't make the first move, guys who don't call, guys who don't want to jump you, guys who cheat, etc.  The film writers did a good job showing how those scenarios would look in real life. Ginnifer Goodwin is just so darn cute.  She and Justin Long did a great job with their roles.

But you were really hoping for insight on how the magical understanding gained from this book helped me to quit settling for guys who weren't good enough for me. 

If I had read this book in 2004 when it came out, I think it would have changed a lot of the really stupid things I did as a single lady then through 2008.  I threw myself at a lot of guys who just weren't into me and I took it really hard every time.  At the time, I probably could have benefited from the information, but I don't know if I could have really used it effectively.  I heard the immortal phrases, "Wow you're really awesome. Why are you still single?"  and "That guy isn't good enough for you," and their variations way too much for comfort.  I was also very confused as to what kind of guy would actually be good enough for me.  "Good enough" was one of my hated phrases at the time.

Now though, I'm in a different place.  It's too personal to relate to in this forum, but some of the topics hit too close to home.  And that kind of sucks, because I have the same wants and fears as the book's target demographic.  Who am I kidding... I AM the target demographic.

Overall, the book was well done.  They did a good job targeting the feel and pace of the book to Sex and the City viewers.  It had the same quirky story examples, humor to soften emotional subjects, and a healthy dose of sex. 

I really hope I'm the exception and not the rule....