Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Wolfman

Lawrence Talbot returns to his ancestral home to discover the cause of his brother's death.   His brother was only one of many in a string of very gruesome deaths. During his investigation, he uncovers strange truths that bring his search too close to home.

I hadn't seen any of the previews for Wolfman before I went.  Maybe that was for the best because even without it, the story was predictable and slow.  I did appreciate a few aspects of the film.
  • Anthony Hopkins does a fantastic job, as usual, playing the reclusive and impulsive father.  I like Emily Blunt more every time see her. 
  • It was refreshing not to see another modern day werewolf story.  I'm a bit over it already.   I don't know why I like Victorian England.  Most of the passions that drive me or that have helped make me into what I am right now would not jive in that environment.
  • I liked that they took the classic spin on the wolfman by making him just a really hairy man with fangs rather than something that looks more like the upright Egyptian jackal representations.
Other than that, it's a ho-hum movie.  If you want to know, I'll tell you the ending so that you can save your economic stimulating funds for something else.


Amanda said...

Yeah I heard it wasn't all that great. It's not one I was interested in seeing anyway so that's okay.

Ann said...

Yeah. I wish I would have seen something else.

But I still get to see Percy Jackson today! I think :(