Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angel Time by Anne Rice

I finally finished Angel Time by Anne Rice.  This book is the first in her new Songs of the Seraphim series, focusing on the intervention of angels into the human world.  Angel Time follows Toby O'Dare, a professional assassin who is offered a chance at redemption.  It is a Christian historical novel that looks into Jewish-Christian relations in Europe in the Middle Ages. 

This is my first time to read Anne Rice, Christian fiction, or a historical novel.  I'm thinking that it's just not my thing which is why I really contemplating abandoning it.  The book is written from mostly Toby's point of view, with a short stint from the angel Malchiah's point of view.  The whole middle was mostly listening to other characters relate previous events.  I was only intrigued by the first few and final few chapters where the main character was actually doing something.  Maybe I'm too used to fantasy books where the main character is actively slaying dragons or some such. 

For me, this book was a snooze-fest. I really wanted to like Anne Rice, but Angel Time just didn't do it for me.


Amanda said...

Is this one of her newer once, like after she became a born again Christian? I know my sister really likes her vampire books but you know I'm scared to death of vampires...

btw, random note - do you have your blog on partial RSS feed for a specific reason? I'm just curious because it comes into my Google Reader with only a paragraph or so of text and no picture, which makes it more difficult to read through.

Ann said...

Her being a born again Christian would make a lot of sense with some of the themes in the book. I should read others of her work before I make a decison about heter I like her style or not. I just don't think I'll be in a rush to get to them.

About only providing the summary on the reader- I don't know what the settings are to allow that. I'll have to look at it when I get back home!

Amanda said...

It's not that it provides a summary, it just provides like the first 50 or 100 words of the post. Once you get home, if you go to your blogger dashboard, to settings, and then to the tab Site Feed, it has a section to Allow blog feeds full, short, or none. Yours is probably on short.

Honestly I've never read any Anne Rice and I've never been particularly drawn to do so.