Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Race Report: Run Wild for Brainpower

Distance: 5K
Goal Time: 36-38 minutes
Actual Time: 37:44 (12:10 min/mi)
Alamo Series Tally: 1 of 1

This is my second March 5K benefiting University of the Incarnate Word’s Track and Field team.  They advertised the course as flat and fast around the UIW campus. This was my first time to run this event, but it was well organized and fast indeed.

This is the first of 2010’s Alamo Series, which is a collection of nine local races leading up to the November Rock’N’Roll Marathon/Half Marathon.  If you finish seven or more races, you get some pretty nice swag –embroidered clothing with the Alamo Series logo.  I finished 6 last year, missing the first two events.  I’m going to try to do the longer of the available distances at these races.  The longest events are a 20 miler in September and a 25K (15.5 miles) in October.

I really had some motivation issues race morning.  First it was twenty degrees colder than I was expecting – in the 30s when I woke up, rising into the 40s during the race, with a wicked cold wind.  Then I didn’t want to make breakfast.  I got to the race start with my stomach growling and mumbling something about coffee. I wanted to ditch the race, go home and curl up under the covers.  I had to call my personal cheerleader/life coach (my sister) who yelled at me for even thinking about getting fast food breakfast and guilted me into staying for the short time it would take me to finish the short race. Then they delayed race start, which meant I would definitely not be done and cleaned up in time for my editing group. 

Once I got rid of the stress of trying to do too much in a day, I relaxed a bit.  The race itself was nice.  I should have worn my trail shoes for the bits of off-roading along the course, but my regular shoes did fine. Again, my HR monitor was out of batteries so I just ran how I felt. I kind of zoned out and hardly looked at my watch.  The campus was pretty, red brink with white stone accents that made me miss the architecture of Texas Tech a little bit.

I really wanted a 36 minute time, but I’m happy with my 37:44, my fastest 5K yet in 2010. Granted, this was much less difficult than the recent trail runs and not nearly as hilly as the AHHS run.  According to the stats I keep, I did a lot better in the field than in my February runs.  I was in the 95th and 90th percentile in my age group for the Eisenhower 10K and the Salado 8mi, respectively.  I was 82nd percentile at the AHHS 5K, and 55th percentile yesterday.  (Yes, I know I’m a nerd about numbers.  At least I’m not yet as obsessed with number of miles per week.)   My time is pretty average for me, so I’m curious to see if this was an anomaly or if I have in fact improved compared to others in my age group.


Amanda said...

You are awesome, Ann. Keep it up!

Ann said...

Just let me know when you're walking a 5K! I'll be your annoyingly positive cheerleader along the way! :)

Next up for me: 3/28 - Get Your Rear In Gear 5K (Walk with Family), 4/11 - Capitol 10K.

Amanda said...

Where's the one on 3/28? Do you have a link for it for the information? Depending on where it's at, that sounds like something I'd really like to do. Walking, not jogging, of course, but I'd love to walk it. Today I ended up doing 4 miles! Two on the elliptical, and two walking to the boys' school and back.

Amanda said...

Whoops! I keep forgetting to subscribe to f/u comments...

Ann said...

Here's the info for next weekend. It's in Brackenridge park, which has some great routes.


Faith said...

Way to go, Ann! :)